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Alone on the Moon, my debut album, is now available to purchase on CD or as a digital download here.

The album title, symbolic of that place from where the songs were written has become a huge source of inspiration.  Each song written with tears in my eyes and hairs standing up on the back of my neck as I looked out across miles and miles of familiar yet forgotten shores.  From the feminine to the masculine, this is a collection of moments for us all. 

In the 6 week build up to Alone on the Moon being launched as a digital download, I released short videos that brought together extracts of the recordings from the album with those visual explorations I created with each song earlier in the year;

108% funded through Kickstarter 7.7.7 Moon marked the launch of the album on CD. All crowdfunding rewards have been distributed.  If you haven’t received yours yet, you can email me at  From April to July 2016, I blogged my journey through crowdfunding and explored the inspirations behind each of the songs;

A massive thank you to all those who contributed to the Kickstarter campaign.  Without you, this album would not have been possible; A Thomas, A.A. Hilberink, Adrian Playle, Alan, Alan Lewis, Alexandra Rowland, Alise Croft, Alison Hargreaves, Alison Rowley, Alistair Edmunds, Allison Alderson, Andrew Wilson, Angie Shaw, Anna Jefferson, Annabel Westman, Arik Sokolowski, Astan Croft, Baz Garrod, Bazyli, Ben, Ben Croft, Bil and Syl, Bridget, Bryony, Carol, Carrie Gilbert, Charlotte Carslake, Claire Scampion, Dan Croft, DAV bear, Dave Dunn, Dave Mitchell, David Lahy, Dot, Dorothy Whiting, Edwin, Eleanor Alchin, Eliana, Ella White, Emily Meow, Emily Turner, Emma Walker, Erik Bentham, Fiona Croft, Fran Wyburn, Frankie Pinner, Gethin Davies, Glenn Boulter, Griet, Helen, Helen Lawson, Helena, Herr Fritz, Imran Ali, Jacqui Taliesin El Masry, James Baker, Jasmin Glover, Jennifer, Jennifer Birch, Jess, John & Cora, Judith Hunt, Kalyani Ma Mukti, Karl Holmstrom, Kasia, Kristian Le Roy, Laura & Jim, Lauren Lou, Lawrence Molloy, LeeSun, Lewis & Glenis Weidman, Lizzie, Simon, Isabella & Zoe, Lucas, Lynda, Maia Croft, Marcus Henry Yee, Margot & Tony, Mariama, Mark Spriggs, Mark Williams, Martin Whipp, Mary & John Noyes, Mike Carver, Mike Lively, Miranda Arieh, Miranda Cowan, Mitsuru CHIDA, Nancy, Natacha Springer, Nik Edser, Owly Ian, Phyllis E Bathwater, Rachel, Richard England, Richard Garside, Richard Kidger, Roisin Allana Kiernan, Rosamund Greger, Rosie, Sarah Hunt, Sarah T, Seb Humphrys, Shelley Martin, Simon Appleyard, Sir Joe, Slobodan Ivanovic, Sticky, Sue and David Judge, Sue Oldfield, Susan Burns, Suzie Cross, Taku Wakiyama, Tanya Akrofi, Taylor, Teresa, ThorntonForce, Tom Ludwig, Tracey, Grant and Darcey, Vicky Whelan, Vinden Grace, Wallardi, Wei-Hong Chen, Yoshio Tanahashi and to all those who wish to remain anonymous.