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My debut album, Alone on the Moon, was successfully funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  A massive thank you to everyone who made this life long dream a reality; 9 treasured songs carefully selected from a repertoire of 20 years of singing and song-writing are now available to purchase on CD or as a digital download here.

Jenni Noyes is an English singer-songwriter from London, now living in Leeds.  From an early age, Jenni found refuge in singing and playing guitar, her innate musical gift supported by a talented musical family. After many committed years of working as a mental health nurse by day, and musician by night, by the end of 2012, Jenni made the decision to dedicate all of her time to fulfilling her dream of pursuing a career as an artist.

Her recently released debut album, ALONE ON THE MOON is a self-penned, solo acoustic album mixed by Dom Howard at Ruckspin Studios (Submotion Orchestra), with accompaniment on track 6 (“Prophecy”), from American based artists Jeromy Darling and Kurt Larson.

This year, Jenni launched a media campaign exploring Artist Values, achieved funding through Kickstarter and created a sell out launch event, 7.7.7. Moon.

Watch official music videos for Alone on the Moon here


“The cinematic sounds of Jenni Noyes explore the rich darkness & vibrant light deep within our human being.  Her haunting, gentle, yet powerful performance is likened to Lou Rodes (Lamb), and Elisabeth Fraser (Massive Attack).  Her subtle, sunlit, touch on guitar creates an ethereal synthesis for her lyrics to luminesce.  Her songs, dawning from the light of another moon, shine a lucid feminine radiance on the stories in life we all share.”

Gigs dates to follow. 

I look forward to seeing you soon.