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Update #1 – The Creative Process

The Creative Process continues to work its magic in my life. Thus far, it has created a rich tapestry of colour. Perhaps because I never imagined that I would be sharing in other people’s creative journeys in such an intimate way, or perhaps because a process, born out of motivation to support myself and my art, now infiltrates the lives of those around me. Regardless of the surprise arrival of this new role as creative consultant, I note that exploring someone’s creative potential with them is extremely humbling. I meet people in all their strength and vulnerability, while also also being given the opportunity to see my own journey reflected in theirs. I have learnt so much already and find that the more I share, the more I realise that something truly special is happening here.

Until recently, I offered the experience as a 2 hour session, once a week for 4 weeks. I myself have been through The Creative Process a dozen times and find it takes me just 4 hours to complete. However as its architect, the 4 years it took to design and build has meant that its components are deeply imbedded in my psyche. On sharing with another for the first time, I quickly realised that twice as long would be required for someone ‘coming in cold’ to absorb its intricacies. The week’s break in between sessions allows for gentle integration of awareness into ones life, with moments of new realisations acting as signposts that influence the next meeting.

Having said that, when a friend, from London made contact and asked about our working together, I began to imagine how the course might be received if delivered in just 2 days. Delving into oneself in this way brings about a heightened sense of self, so I knew that any breaks we had in-between sessions would need to be restful. I prepared healthy vegan food for the cold stores and cleaned the spaces we were to inhabit. Rest for me meant ‘alone time’ practicing my music and doing yoga, for my guest; sitting outside in the sun or listening to music. “I feel like I’m on a retreat” she said to me peacefully as I met her padding around the house in slippers.

I broke The Creative Process down into 4 x 2 hour sessions and barr a few well placed emails and phonecalls in between that influenced our discussions, we found ourselves in a bubble from the outside world. With such restricted external influence, those ideas that my guest brought with her on the train to Leeds were explored in 1 long seamless journey. At its end, when revisiting that first statement that Ella brought to take through The Creative Process, we both laughed. While we had been aware of feelings of exhaustion and elation since the end of day 1, it dawned on us in that moment, just how far we had come.

I conclude that both approaches work well for exploring creative potential. However completing it in such a short time is a different experience to that of the 4 week course, so if you are interested in doing it in this way, please contact me so that we can discuss further if this is the right option for you.

Ella’s testimonial on The Creative Process as a 2-day intensive course;

“Transformational. Truly.

Jenni rests in herSelf to hold this sacred place of potentiality. Our sessions took the form of an intuitive dialogue inspired by tools from ancient divination, to self-discovered ways of activating ‘soulspeak’. In practice, she gave me full reign to approach my topic of exploration, allowing for all its meandering paths and questions for further consideration.

We packed it in! After day 1, I was both elated and exhausted, and on the morning of day 2 I was good-wired again, waking up ready to delve deeper into my soul-psyche. Out the other side and on my way back to London as I watched the new moon rise through the train window, I felt more deeply settled in my own soul-seat. Ready to approach the coming unknowns in my life with the stability of the creative process hard at work; moreover feeling held in a new space by my dear friend and true warrior of the creative heart.

Thank you Jenni ~ honouring your work. In peace, Ella”

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The Creative Process