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Motivated to find a new way of writing music, I designed and developed a creative process. However I soon found that I was taking others through it to gain perspective on their lives or to develop business ideas. Designing and sharing a creative process has been a surprising turn of events and I am enthusiastic to expand on my learning and development by opening this up to the wider community.  

‘The Creative Process’, based on various theories exploring the fundamental creative process of life, brings together art, science and mythology. It utilises String Theory (a theory of quantum mechanics of how matter is formed), the subtle life energy found in the Indian Chakra System and the human journey described by Archetypal systems of Jung psychology, Egyptian mythology and the Tarot. While The Creative Process in its entirety is best received by those with an interest in the esoteric, tools and language can be omitted to allow anyone wishing to take part to feel comfortable.

The Creative Process is for you if you are;

– Feeling confused about the direction of your life
– Unsure if you want to move forward with an idea
– Wanting to explore personal goals from a new perspective
– In the middle of bringing a creative idea into fruition
– Feeling stressed about the day to day management of your life
– Interested in exploring a project with your creative partner

(currently accommodating up to 2 people at once,

it is not yet ready for a larger group)

“Transformational.  Truly.” 

“So much of my work and personal life has expanded from my work with Jenni and has allowed a new-found freedom in the creation and development of ideas…” Read More

What you will get out of The Creative Process;

– Space to reflect on that which is important to you
– An alternative way to deal with the challenges in your life
– A greater sense of control over your life
– Mental and physical ‘de-cluttering’; a deeper clarity on those

personal and professional challenges which you are not yet ready to deal with and those which you are

“The creative process opened the door to myself. It gave me permission to listen to and connect with my true emotions, thoughts and beliefs aside from rational, professional, financial or business thinking…” Read More

What you can expect from The Creative Process;

– 1:1 sessions (unless you would like to do the course with a partner 2:1)
– Exploring questions and responses in a quiet, undisturbed, carefully created space
– Completion of the course by way of 2 hourly sessions once a week for 4 weeks
– To move at a pace that is right for you, facing things if and when you are ready

The Creative Process is made up of 4 stages;

1 – Making a decision prior to our meeting; deciding that which you want to take through the process 

(if it feels complicated, I can offer phone support prior to our meeting to help simplify)

2 – Initial 2 hour session; taking your chosen theme through 7 reference points to gain a general overview.
3 – Subsequent 6 hours split over 3 sessions; looking at those 7 reference points in greater detail
4 – Going it alone; implementing that which you have realised in your own life

(I can offer one off sessions after 6 months of completing the course if you feel you need this)

The £250 course is currently being offered at various rates depending on individual circumstances. If you are a friend of mine, or a friend of a friend, then get in touch. However, for those without prior reference, I am only offering spaces to women at this time.

You can email me at or contact me on 07432 683 177 to discuss further.

Find out more about my own personal journey with The Creative Process by clicking on the links below:-