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Reviews about The Creative Process


“Transformational. Truly.

Jenni rests in herSelf to hold this sacred place of potentiality. Our sessions took the form of an intuitive dialogue inspired by tools from ancient divination, to self-discovered ways of activating ‘soulspeak’. In practice, she gave me full reign to approach my topic of exploration, allowing for all its meandering paths and questions for further consideration.

We packed it in! After day 1, I was both elated and exhausted, and on the morning of day 2 I was good-wired again, waking up ready to delve deeper into my soul-psyche. Out the other side and on my way back to London as I watched the new moon rise through the train window, I felt more deeply settled in my own soul-seat. Ready to approach the coming unknowns in my life with the stability of the creative process hard at work; moreover feeling held in a new space by my dear friend and true warrior of the creative heart.

Thank you Jenni ~ honouring your work. In peace, Ella”


“The creative process opened the door to myself. It gave me permission to listen to and connect with my true emotions, thoughts and beliefs aside from rational, professional, financial or business thinking.

As a creative, I am used to delving deep into the analyses of my emotions and actions and asking myself, “what is my true path?” but the creative process guided me to the mirror of myself. Rather than basing myself and how I rationalise things on others viewpoints and ways of life, I took a good long look at my own reflection and was able to respond to the process frankly and honestly (even if I was not ready to believe my answers). This gave way to a wave of realisations and a freedom that I had not experienced before. I am in control.

I would advise anyone (not just creatives) who is looking for answers or guidance in life to seek Jenni and the creative process.”


“The creative process is a deep and thorough method of approaching projects/ideas/works by viewing them from all possible aspects.
Using carefully selected questions you are invited to explore new directions that come from within your self rather than just the rational mind, allowing your creative outcomes to flow as blood does through the veins.

It gave me the opportunity to give my head a rest and let feeling and desire take over. So much of my work and personal life has expanded from my work with Jenni and has allowed a new-found freedom in the creation and development of ideas.”