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Alone on the Moon, my debut album, was recently 108% funded through Kickstarter.

Launched at 777Moon, this is a collection of songs chosen from a repertoire of 20 years of songwriting.  Each song was written with tears in my eyes and hairs standing up on the back of my neck as I looked out across miles and miles of familiar yet forgotten shores.  

Written from the feminine for the masculine, this is a collection of moments for us all.  Details to follow shortly if you would like to purchase this album.  All Kickstarter rewards have now been distributed.  If you haven’t yet received yours, please contact me via Kickstarter.  Digital launch of this album is set for December this year.

Click on the titles below to view my weekly vlog; my journey through crowdfunding and the inspirations behind each of the songs;



The Magician

Alone on the Moon

108% funded through Kickstarter!

Love Soup

Golden Eagle

Child in the Sun

The Prophecy

White Light

Hold This Moment