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1/4 Alone on the Moon

Earth, Mass, ‘bent, bound and woven’

Filmed in both Polytunnel and yurt, Alone on the Moon shines a light on Izabela and Greg’s life of working in harmony with nature. They are pioneers in this modern age and it is apt that this video showcases their hard work in relation to the earth, the final stage in the completion of mass and achievement in the physical realm. Standing Alone on the Moon is both perfect and terrifying. The earth looks peaceful and harmonious and I am aware of infinite space and time. My place in the universe becomes meaningless. How I live my life does not matter any more and I am left with one choice; to follow my heart and those actions that bring me joy. Originally conceived for all my nearest and dearest who feared the disappointment that my chasing a dream of being an artist may bring, this song is now a conversation between my heart, which I left on the Moon and my head caught up in all things Earth.