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Testimonies from Women’s Group

Emily T –

“If you need a way to help your creative visions and dreams become a reality, I’d recommend Jenni’s gentle, inspiring support. Check out her work! Love ❤ and happiness”

Roz –

“Any Yorkshire locals looking for some creative hand holding to make the dream venture a possible reality, this is definitely worth checking out.  Many a time I’ve been guided through life’s bumps and triumphs by my friend, supported by her generous, inquisitive and complete approach to life.”

Emily M –

“Imagine you’ve come up with an idea. Could be for a business, charity or purely creative. You think it’s good!!! Other people think you’re crazy. So you think about it but you don’t pursue it. It stays in your mind but you stick to the same old routine of going to work, coming home, eating, sleeping and paying bills. Never actually feeling fulfilled. The idea lingers in the back of your mind but you don’t do anything with it. Now imagine, someone, listens to your idea, thinks it’s amazing and does everything in there power to nourish you in the right way, for you to believe in yourself enough, to make that idea become reality.  You no longer have to imagine.  Step into “The Creative Process” Take your idea on a journey….it’s going to be an exciting ride!!!”

Lauren –

“This pixie lady & her creative process – both beautiful & unique.  If you’re in the Leeds area (or willing to travel) and looking for some extra support or clarity – contact her!  She’s lovely & genuine”